Trebah is described as the ‘Garden of Dreams’ – a steeply wooded ravine full of tree ferns, waterfalls, and rhododendrons leading down to Polgwidden Cove, a secluded beach on the river. It’s wild, enchanted and full of beautiful surprises.

In 1944 a regiment of 7500 men of the 29th US Infantry Division embarked from Polgwidden Cove to the D-Day assault landing on Omaha Beach in Normandy where they suffered terrible casualties. A memorial at the bottom of the garden commemorates the courage of these brave young American soldiers.


In 2004 veterans came together on the beach to commemorate the D-Day embarkation.

Trebah Gardens

A sub-tropical paradise with a stunning coastal backdrop. Open every day of the year, from 10am.

Trebah Gardens